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The Great 128

Feb 15, 1997 05:28 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: JRC <>
> On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> > If the letter, or any piece of information, was published on
> > on theos-l, there is the question of whether it was worth the effort.
> > That is because there are a grand total of 128 people subscribed to
> > theos-l, at the last count.  And some of these may not be sympathetic
> > to your cause.
> >
> > If your aim is exposing someone or revealing the truth, then these
> > 128 or so people would have to pass it on to their friends, lodges and
> > study groups, who would then take it up with others.  That is, if they
> > even are members of any or even belong to TS!  You would have to
> > form a network beyojnd the Internet to truly make a difference.
> Ann ...
> 	Well, I'm not so sure. The numbers are small, but a number of the
> most well known and well connected are on this list - either speaking or
> lurking.

(She gasps.)  I had no idea I was mingling in cyberspace with the great
and the near-great.  My inklings of hob-nobbing with TS celebrities came
only from my banter with the Babe.  ;-)

>I know from my own point of view, *most* significant information
> that comes across this list I pass on to other Theosophists in my region -
> its been quite eye - opening for some of them to hear the kinds of
> discussions that go on. In my own case, anyway, I'm not a single 1 of that
> 128, but rather the conduit through which at least a dozen people are made
> aware of things that they otherwise simply would not have been aware of,
> and I wonder whether this is more the norm than the exception. I guess I
> kind of feel, sometimes, as though the effects, impact, and importance of
> this list may be considerably greater than most of us suspect.
I'm glad to hear your feedback, JRC.  It gives me some idea of what is
going on and what could be.  I'm only a conduit for one person.
I have an envelope full of printouts of posts to give to that person
when I see them.

I tend to be intensely practical, always wanting to see how ideas are
manifesting in the "real" world - hence my skepticism.  It is a trait
that has irked others in both TSA and the LCC.


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