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Nasty Patriarchs

Feb 13, 1997 04:13 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: C Kent <>
> How is this group faring now?  This is normal bogey man stuff, but is it
> possible that this group was actually facing up to the changes which have to
> be made if the TS is to survive into next centruy.  This is a genuine
> question - I dislike the egotistical guru like leadership myself, which is
> why I hate to see it infiltrating the TS in the guise of Blavtskyism,
> Sinnettism, or Leadbeaterism (particularly the latter two who I see as
> thoroughly nasty patriarchs of the worst kind).

As for the last two, they are also from another time and age, in
which society and culture were very different than it is today.
They are also quite dead, so that anyone resurrecting them as
leaders would simply be using their rotting teeth as mouthpieces
for their own ideas.

These personalities have served their time, in their time, and
the souls that created them have gone on to sketch out new
personalities.  Who knows that somehow the
lingering memories of CWL are not alive in the back brain of
of Howard Stern?  (For those outside of the US, he's a shock
radio personality of some infamy.)


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