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Re: Javaphobia (let's do this right this time)

Feb 13, 1997 05:01 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-02-13 13:34:02 EST, you write:

>"They were ruled at the time by a dynasty of chiefs or kings...among these
>priests-kings we find one who was specially earnest and fanatical in his
>awful faith. He really thought that only by the perpetuation of his
>scheme of daily blood sacrifices could his country be saved from utter
>destruction at the hands of spiteful and bloodthirsty deities....he was
>the direct inspiration of the Darker Powers.
>"He was a man of great power and inflexible determination, and having worked
>out his terrible plan of sacrifice, he resolved to ensure as far as he could
>that it should be continued throughout the ages yet to come. To that end he
>worked a most elaborate system of magic, throwing by a tremendous and
>long-continued effort of will a kind of spell upon the Island - laying it
>under a curse...the result of his action may still be seen etherically and
>astrally, in the shape of a vast dark cloud hovering low over the Island.
>this malign cloud has the curious appearance of being ‘pegged down' at
>certain definite spots, so that it may not drift away.
>"These spots were specially magnetized by him for that purpose; they are
>nearly coincident with the craters of various volcanos...these outlets are
>usually inhabited by a peculiar type of nature-spirits of marvelous
>looking like animated bronze images - a type which is specially susceptible
>to the kind of influence which he was using, and capable of retain and
>reinforcing it for an indefinite period.... the Darker Powers took care to
>give his scheme such support as they could; and thus it comes that this
>is still in evidence even in the present day....".

How could I forget!  THAT was a fun incarnation.

Chuck the Heretic


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