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Re: Hierarchical Structure

Feb 13, 1997 08:03 AM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-13 07:49:40 EST, you write:

>So I see a day when all Theosophists world over will have multi-way
>communication with everyone from the ordinary member, visitor, to the
>highest elected leader. We may not have a choice in the matter.

We aren't the ones who will be bothered by it.  Social mythologies change,
and there will be a time long after these vehicles have gone to the astral
scrap yard that heirarchy will make a comeback, but for the time being, it is
dead as a means of social control and those who cling to it are going to be
in the terribly embarrassing position of making pronouncements that will
simply be ignored or laughed at.

What is peculiar is the that powers that be in the US section know this.
 John Algeo makes jokes about how little respect he gets all the time which
makes one wonder if he isn't a closet Rodney Dangerfield fan (a good reason
not to respect him if true) but they seem to be caught in a bind.  Being good
ESers they are forced to accept a system that they know isn't going to hold
up with the membership as a whole, and that, combined with the nature of
American culture which rejects the right of anyone to tell anyone else what
to do puts them on a collision course with the ideas they have internalized.

If this keeps up, the Olcott Institution may become more than just a joke.

Chuck the Heretic


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