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Re: THEOS-L digest 904

Feb 12, 1997 11:09 PM
by C Kent

Paul said
>Alan, will you repost the TI list info?  I'd like to get on in
>light of Christine's recent comments.

Woops, which ones were they?  Do you want to get behind some kind of TI - on
the ground - move?  Or do you have some other reason?

CMK said
>>So, I would very much like to have as much knowledge of this as
>>possible so that I can counteract the fear mongering.  Does
>>know the "human" side of this (and the European  situation)
>>than the facts as presented in the article?
>The human side in both situations has to do with ego, power,
>greed and control.  It is that simple--and that complicated.
Not really.   I was being a little more specific.  I didn't realise I would
know more about the Shantara group that you people.  They are a small group
here in Australia who originally came from Denmark and whose name has been
linked with the political problems both there and in Canada by INUENDO only.
I want to know if there is any fact in this.  They are a very small group
here who do not seem to be the remotest bit interested in our Lodge, so
there is every chance that they are no more than an imaginary bogeyman being
used to keep the children frightened.

The bogey man seems to take the form of any person who wants to change
things being part of a takeover conspiracy by some other group (Masons,
Co-masons and LCC aside of course).

I wouldn't mind proving the falsity of that bogeyman, by being able to
circulate the facts.



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