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Feb 11, 1997 06:53 PM
by Thoa Tran

>> From: Thoa Tran <>
>> A dear friend of mine, Marty Nash, e-mailed me her definition of feminism:
>> Marty:
>> >When I was 23 my definition of a feminist was one who believed in
>> >women's equality and was ready to work for it.
>> >Today My definition is one who believes women hold up half the sky in a
>> >very special way. Although both men and women can develop their yin and
>> >yang powers, women have a special intuitiveness, and the ultimate
>> >creativity. A feminist will value these qualities, see them as beautiful
>> >and will help other women to value them also. She will walk proudly and
>> >know she is beautiful. She will not accept the value the patriachy
>> >places on women. Through her eyes the men around her will begin to see
>> >this also.
>I have no argument with that, but I think it is also going to take
>personal assertiveness, training in the use of various weapons
>and martial arts, plus a good lawyer, in case one wants to sue
>for discrimination.

Let's see, personal assertiveness, check, training in the use of various
weapons and martial arts, check.  Um, know any good lawyer?  Perhaps we can
drag one off the Borg ship.


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