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Blame the Egregore

Feb 10, 1997 06:26 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Christine and all,

The egregore concept is an appealing one, but I'm not sure that
it really offers more than an occultified version of
sociology.  That is, groups develop patterns that persist over
time, and that are more or less productive/destructive to
individual members.  These patterns have a life of their own
and are not readily modified.  People who derive a sense of
identity from group affiliation take on the attributes of the

Whether or not the TS-Adyar is salvageable is a discussion that
we can continue indefinitely.  I see more evidence against the
proposition than for it, going back a long time.

As for starting an alternate group myself (re: Alan) I cannot think
of anyone less suitable for the job.  Being controversial in
the way I am would be terribly counterproductive to launching
an effort to offer an alternative.  But if the opportunity to
join such an alternative presents itself, I'll support it.


PS-- Richard, The Quest previously had a very nice review of
TMR so I think we can call it even with the latest
development.  Didn't occur to me to ask that they publish my
rebuttal; if people go to DC's webpage they will presumably
find a link to it.  The oddest thing was not that the booklet
got reviewed, but that it was the *lead* review; thus the "most
important book of the month" for AT readers, as I understand
the criterion for selecting a lead.  That seems excessive, but
not bothersome to me; rather flattering in fact.


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