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Feb 09, 1997 05:02 PM
by Alan

  ------- Forwarded message follows -------

    We are representetives of the social organisation of spirit direction,
called " The Community of Cosmic Conscience " .
Our Community  is the Moscow organisation. It was officially
registrated on the 19th of November  in 1993. The aim of the
Community  is the elimination of the spirit ignorance of people and
turning their orientation to moral values.
   The means which help us to achieve  the purpose are seminars,
ectures, open evenings of the spirit direction, publication of books,
the use of means of the mass media:  radio , television, newspapers,
magazines. In our work we base on theosophical works, on books about
the Agni- Yoga , on books  of Alice Bailey A , on works  of  great Danish
cosmologist of the XXth century Martinus.
   We dont deny any spirit trend , leading to the Light. At our open
esoterists and scientists give lectures:  the stage was given to  members
the Orthodox  Church and to the followers of   Shri Chinmoi  and of
to Mormons and Tantrists, and to representatives of the religion Bahai,  to

the members of the Community Babagy, and to the head of Pythagorian
school. E t. c.  We are for the friendship between different  spirit
for the tolerable attitude to brothers undergoing the evolutional way.
  Awared of the vital necessity of the collaboration of all the light
of the Univers we would also like to receive some informatin about your
  As we are poor noncommercional organisation in Russia, the country
very poor in the present day, and as far as  in Russia not all the
theosophical books have been published, we would be very glad to
receive from you some books in English such as of Olkott, of Jage or
such books of Alice Bailey A as "The  Pupilship in the New Century",
" The  Unfinished Biography", The Materialisation of the Hierarchy".
   In exchange we could send you works of the leader of our
Community Alla Ter-Akopyan (unfortunately they were  published
only in Russian) "The Agni-Yoga - Celestial Dictation", " The  Agni-
Yoga about Jesus the Christ", " Spaces of  Four- measurements" ,
" The Doctine of Light for Children".
   We are interested in  audio and video aid of occult, esoteric,
meditational orientation.  In particular, a documentary american film
"The Ancients prophecies", based mainly on the predictions of
Edgar  Cayce.  In Russia we have no possibility to get it , we would
be very  grateful to you for sending it to us.
  In general we are ready  for any kinds of  collaboration. We would be
very glad to have you at our place, to  discuss with you, to listen to
lectures on subjects which you are interested in. We are deeply convinced
that is necessary to  combine our efforts for  creation of the wideworld
    We wish the Light  to your souls and fortitude in such a stormy time
for the Planet.

                    February, 10. 1997.

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