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Feminism and Womanhood

Feb 06, 1997 05:37 PM
by Thoa Tran

Alan's post regarding someone calling him a feminist raised a question in my
mind.  What is a feminist?  I am lucky enough to grow up in a time when a
lot of the hard work for women have been done.  I know that I need to be
aware of fairness to everyone.  It seems very obvious to me that that is the
way it should be that it sometimes is hard to imagine it any other way.  Is
a feminist a militant fighter for women who feel that all men are potential
enemies, as some men think.  Is a feminist just someone who wants the same
rights and opportunities as men have?  If a woman wears makeup, is dressed
in dresses, and flirts with men, can she still be a feminist?  If a woman
stays at home to be with her children, can she still be a feminist?  What is
a feminist?

I personally am proud and happy to be a woman.  Instead of feeling like
someone disadvantaged, I feel lucky that I'm able to be intuitive about
people, sensitive to people that I know, and able to see a good part of the
whole social scheme.  I like hearing women's point of views on things.  I'm
proud of other women who are intelligent, creative, athletic, compassionate,
nurturing and/or beautiful.  I say, "You go, woman!"



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