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Re: The Big Three

Feb 03, 1997 02:07 PM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-03 08:25:34 EST, you write:

>My take on the big three (LCC,TS/ES, Co-M) at this time is that that they
>were vehicles to
>push people's evolution - legit tools.  Perhaps the people involved in these
>organizations began to lose sight of the evolution part and become much more
>intrigued with the organizational part, especially if they could rise to
>powerful position.
One can make the case that just about anything can be a tool for evolution,
depending upon how people experience it.  The question is how they were used
in the context of th TS.

>I also surmise that the reason that those belonging to all three, especially
>the ES,
>were candidates for positions of power because they had gone through
>the evolutionary process and were either initiates or on their way to
>becoming initiates.  The idea of having organizations headed by people who
>were supposed to be spiritually ahead must have been desirable.  But did
>it always work?  I think even initiates can fail.
My feeling is that if the people running the TS at that time were inititates
then the system is really in serious trouble and the lords of karma should be
fired.  Looking at them and their behavior the immediate question becomes
"Initiates into what?  The Ancient and Royal Order of Congenital Loonies?"
 These people are not to be taken seriously except as a cautionary example.

>For myself, the LCC was very influential in pushing my evolution and the
>TS part is more important to me now.  How will the big three fare in the
>future?  Will there be new ways of pushing people's evolution and getting
>them initiated?
>As Dr. Who said, "Time will tell, it always does."

When it comes spiritual matters, as in everything else, I am a firm believer
in the law of nature that says "whatever works is right."  The LCC is not my
glass of beer for lots of reasons, but if it works for you, then good for it.
 Just like Gerda and her masonry, which you couldn't pay me to join.  By the
same token, I don't expect everyone to be enthused about what I do.

We each find our own way around these things and gravitate to that which
suits us.

Chuck the Heretic


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