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Re: THEOS-L digest 881

Feb 03, 1997 10:14 AM
by DSArthur

I was interested to read the comments by Jerry S.  It is refreshing to learn
of Theosophists who are comfortable with science and the scientific method.
 HPB proclaimed a long time ago that "Theosophy is a religious science ...
and a scien-
tific religion."  It has been my experience that most Theosophists pay at
least lip
service to the statement but far fewer are really comfortable with the idea.
 The fact
is: real scientists search for the truth utilizing what is popularly referred
to as "the
scientific method" whereas real Theosophists do precisely the same thing
mental rather than physical means.  The important fact is that both are
willing to go
wherever the search takes them.  They strive always to maintain
For this reason they have no conflict about "ends", only perhaps about
But it may well be that ... "all paths DO lead to Rome."
   On a different subject, Einstein postulated that space is curved and he
was, of course, referring to what we call physical space.  I maintain that
simple logic will
demonstrate the correctness of his view ... IF the postulate is accepted that
source of our physical universe is what science has termed a "singularity."
that singularity commenced to expand some 12 - 15 billion years ago (by the
scientific estimates) it appears to have done so in all directions even
though it has
now been determined that the primordial "stuff" of which it was composed was
uniformly distributed in the same way.  The point is that, if the singularity
in every direction, then two characteristics must apply:

                  1.  The form of the newly created universe must be
                  2.  The extent of this universe, even though it is still
expanding, must
                       be limited at any given instant of time.  This is
because the maxi-
                       mum velocity of any matter in what has been termed the
                       universe is C, i.e. the speed of light or 186,282
miles per second.
                       Ergo, the maximum radius of our physical universe at,
say, the
                       15-billion-year mark must be precisely l5,000,000,000
                       light years.  Anybody out there who needs a more
precise figure
                       than this?

   I would appreciate hearing from any "Jerry S -minded" individuals who
would care to explore this or other theosophical matters further with me.





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