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Re: TS Elections - An Excerpt

Feb 02, 1997 09:59 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>E. Wood:
> Thus the election which ought to have been a courtly record of policy and
> opinion - a manifestation of brotherhood in a society established "to form a
> nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity" - degenerated into
> something worse than any political election I have ever known. Alas, that
> every experiment in brotherhood should fail, on reaching a modicum of
> material prosperity.
It seems that Arundale wanted to be the head of TS so badly, wanted and
desired it so much, that he decided it was worth any action or tactic on
his part, as long as he got to the top.

This is what every soap opera is made of - people who want desire
a person, a thing, a position so much that they will stoop to anything to
get it.  Essentially, Wood was saying that TS had turned into a soap opera.



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