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To Doss

Jan 31, 1997 10:39 PM
by Thoa Tran

>Many of the things K said are the same that HPB and Buddha said. May be he
>is using a different simple language. Some years ago when my six year old
>son watched a K tape, I asked him if he learnt anything. His response was
>that K says don't listen anyone. Make up your own mind.
>Have you seen any of K's video tapes? I have found them very interesting.

The more I look at philosophies, the more I see truths in all of them, and
some things I don't agree with.  That's why I cannot go totally under one
umbrella.  I don't discount organizations.  Instead of the mentality of
BELONGING to an organization, we should have the mentality of being a part
of an organization.  I am actually new to Krisnamurti.  I don't know where
I've been, but I have never encountered information regarding theosophists
until lately.  I will see whether I can find his tape somewhere.  By this
time, everyone should know my reading list, right?  I keep on saying I will
read this and that.

Thoa  =o)


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