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Re: THEOS-L digest 786

Dec 29, 1996 12:18 PM
by JRC

On Sun, 29 Dec 1996 wrote:

> Ah, yes! Tough Montana women. Does that include Elizabeth Clare Prophet
> ensconced up in them thar Montana hills with her devotees? They're all armed
> to the teeth, I'm told.
	She's kind of a hoot. They are actually no more armed than the
rest of Montana - which is quite a heavily armed state. But the weaponry
is more part of a traditional culture of hunting than the semi-automatics
of larger cities. Curiously enough, there is *very* little violent crime
in Montana.
	Elizabeth Clair and her gang *tried* to get a bunch of weaponry,
but her Security Chief was caught and imprisoned a few years ago for an
illegal weapons purchase. Her devotees mostly keep to themselves - and for
the most part Montanans just let them be except to have an occaisional
laugh at their expense. This state is full of extremely independent-minded
people ... and people usually leave one another alone with whatever
beliefs they want to hold. In rural America (IMO) there is generally quite
an intense sense of community that simply does not exist to the same
degree in larger population areas. To their neighbors, the question of
whether they believe the Lord of the Sun speaks directly to Elizabeth
matters considerably less than whether or not they would pitch in to help
build a new volunteer fire station.

> This self-proclaimed conduit to the Master Koot Humi
> is the one you should be criticizing. Not poor HPB.!
	I've *never* spoken a word against HPB - only against those far
dimmer bulbs that apparently believe they know far better than she what
Theosophy is.
							Tee Hee, -JRC

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