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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 28, 1996 09:56 AM
by JRC

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996 wrote:

> John,
> I quite understand and if you really want to see them jump, sidle up to one
> of them and whisper "psionics" in his ear.
> Chuck the Heretic

Might be fun, except when you startle them, their instinctual reaction
is to start really big fires. I heard, by the way, that the gov't really
*is* kinda loopy about psionics - first guy I ever knew that was
experimenting with the stuff was introduced to me by a friend, and when I
told him I wouldn't mind seeing some of his equipment, agreed, on the
condition that I permit myself to be blindfolded on the way to his house
so I wouldn't know where he lived. I declined, telling him I wasn't too
much into kinky science. I thought at the time that he was just another
friendly, mildly paranoid wacko. I later learned from someone that some
weird gov't agency actually *had* come and taken some of the guy's stuff -
no explanation, no identification ... they just came in and *took* it. Of
course, this was when the cold war was still going on. The CIA and NSC
were actually using people like Keskin ... I saw an interview with him
sometime back - upon discovering that he could relatively easily project
small magnetic fields, the CIA would do things like put him on a plane,
tell him the briefcase of a certain Russian Embassy official going to
Mexico contained computer disks with sensative information, and have him
spend the flight corrupting or even erasing the disks by surrounding them
with magnetic fields. Anything to help The Cause I guess.

Seriously though, have you ever had the US Gov't show an interest in your
electronics? (I promise to blindfold myself when I read your reply (-:).

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