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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 27, 1996 02:56 PM
by JRC

On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, John Straughn wrote:

> JRC writes:
> >Chuck ...
> >	Here in Montana we got *another* foot of snow last night. The snow
> >in my front yard is now at the level of my windows. Snow shovels seem
> >somehow pathetic in the face of it ... my neighbors and I are considering
> >hiring the unibomber to blast us out of our houses.
> >							(-:), -JRC
> It sounds like you're worse off than me.  And I'm clear up in Alaska.
> ---
> The Triaist

Actually, its kind of cool - most of western Montana took the day off
work, and this afternoon I went with a bunch of friends to a park to play
a game of softball - it was almost surrealistic to play a game in slow
motion but still quite a riot to try to run around in the snow. The first
guy that tried to slide into third completely disappeared. Tomorrow a
friend of mine (a military buff with far more money than is good for him)
with a HumVee is taking a bunch of us up a mountain to try to ski and do
some ice climbing. Blizzards in the mountains are just a *riot*. (However
if my posts stop after tomorrow it probably means I'm dead or something.)
							Tee Hee, -JRC

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