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Karma: law?

Dec 27, 1996 11:29 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Replying to John Straughn

>>I wonder is whether there is such a thing as retribution that Karma is
>>usually associated with, or that there is an  outside agency or law which
>>passes judgement, punishing one for one's deeds.
>Perhaps it is an "inside agency".  The higher self (Atman/Buddhi/Manas?)
>may punish you for your "sins".  Surely the higher self would know how
>karma does it's work, and perhaps it can manipulate itself so that karma
>(good or bad) would be attracted to it's manifestation - us.

I'd say, kind-of inside agency, in that your Atman, operating through its
surrounding layers, creates *relationships* of different qualities with
other incarnated beings and life around it. The Atman is basically universal
but becomes particularised in its expression through those layers.

It then experiences the natural outworking of those relationships  - a much
more natural and holistic view of karma than seeing it as something that
lands on you from a great height.

For example, if you habitually see others in a mean light (projecting from
the store of stuff in your own mental "house"), you tend to do mean things
towards them and establish/maintain what you could call a mean relationship.
Then they react to that, and you wonder why, if you are like many people.

But what you *become* is as much a part of karma as what comes to you from
"outside"  - perhaps the more terrifying part as you become more self aware.
At least initially. And note that I quote outside, for as consciousness
expands, the distinction between inside and outside becomes less relevant
and less imprisoning.

And it ain't all bad. The above also applies the positive side, and in fact
that is our means of growth, becoming, and eventual emancipation. It's all
in the choices we make - a rather undervalued aspect of creativity and


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