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Re: How Would You Handle It?

Dec 27, 1996 09:15 AM
by RIhle

Bart Lidofsky writes-->
This group a couple of hundred of their members to join en masse, with the
purpose in mind of voting themselves in during a Presidential election year,
and, with the majority of the Board, transferring all the TS property to
their organization. The Objects of the TS are sufficiently vague as to keep
the taz people happy.

Now say you were writing the bylaws of the organization. What would you do to
keep something like this from happening?

Richard Ihle writes-->
(I am assuming that your post was meant to illustrate the correctness of the
recent national bylaw changes etc.)

I would do what you would probably do:

1) I would assume that it was a problem for all the members of the
organization rather than just for a small coterie that I might be associated
with and which might regard itself as having the ~true proprietary~ interest
in the Society.

2) I would therefore abandon any possible past practice where the direction
of the Society is determined by any kind of "string-pulling" from behind the
scenes (e.g., via the super-fast "merely house-cleaning" strategy) and
perhaps do a nice write-up (like yours) of the situation and get as much
member attention as possible.

3) I would make an "unmoderated" forum available for all points of view on
the issue.

4) I would then let the members vote on the bylaw changes.


Richard Ihle

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