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Re: 1900 Letter from Master K.H.

Dec 26, 1996 11:04 AM
by Tom Robertson

At 01:51 AM 12/26/96 +0000, M K Ramadoss <> wrote:
>I am re-posting the famous 1900 Letter from Master K.H. It appears that as
>far as TS is concerned, it is relevant today as it was relevant in 1900.
>Many here has seen this letter and those who have not seen it may find it
>                         THE 1900 LETTER

> The T.S. and its members are slowly
> manufacturing a creed.

If the 3 objects are not creeds, what is the definition of a creed?

Whoever reads this letter considers it to have at least potential authority.
Even if all K. H. ever said was to have no authority, it requires giving
authority to what he said in order to learn from him that one should have no

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