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Theosophy and Truth

Dec 25, 1996 05:43 PM
by John E. Mead

The agreement each member makes when joining the society
is to (conceptually) accept the three objects.

a couple points:

1. Hitler's acts violated these objects.

2. Paul Johnson has not violated these objects.

(a very bad comparison)

it is my experience that to *want to* define a line
to demarcate ideas as "un-theosophical" is *itself* untheosophical.

i.e.  we should not talk about *where* the line should be
drawn ... but ...

*why* would one even *WANT* to??

peace -
john e. m.

p.s.  the discussions/activity Paul Johnson's work(s) provoke
amoung the Theosophical scholars is ample evidence that
his work should be published in Theosophical presses.  His work must
be very thought provoking and interesting for it
to consume so much bandwidth.

i.e. the importance of the work is often related to the
controversy provoked. He should thank his attackers for
the free promotion.

John E. Mead
Owner: Theos-L etc.;
Member: TSA; Theosophy International (TI)
"Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers.
Mathematics is impossible without consciousness"

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