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Re: Jerry Schueler on KPJ's THE MASTERS REVEALED and other Reflections includ...

Dec 24, 1996 03:38 PM
by RIhle


A good post.  It is always interesting to learn a little more about the work
and lives of other Theosophists.  I am also glad to have my misperception
cleared up (i.e., my thinking that you might be opposed to ~any~
identification of the Masters with human figures if such identification
compromised the assumption that HPB's teachings were the result of
indefectable supernatural dispensations).

This, I believe, is precisely the reason for John Algeo's opposition to
Paul's work, however.  I don't have time to look up the exact quote, however,
but I remember him saying something like, "Johnson's work is contrary to the
traditional conception of the Masters."  Radha's "Request for Blessings" or
whatever it was in THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST also shows that she also has the
"traditional conception" of the still-existing Masters guiding events from
the Great White Lodge somewhere.

But, believe it or not, I am an agnostic on this subject.

We all see things in our own ways, and I, like you, want HPB's writings and
the Theosophical Society to survive for the future.  I am entirely sincere
when I tell you that I see ~everything~ sooner or later going down the drain
unless the TS comes to its senses on the issue of the Masters.  In my
opinion, the modern world is simply going to more and more reject an
organization which proclaims not only that it has the Truth, but also that
the reason it knows it has the Truth is that it was given by precipitated
letter etc. from Wonder-Working Watchers who remain alive and watching even

In my opinion, it does not even matter whether the "traditional conception"
of the Masters is valid or is not.  What matters is that such a concept does
not sell very well right now, and the indications are that it will sell even
less well in the future.  The only hope, in my opinion, is to restore the
"epistemological" definition of ~theosophy~ and attract the large number of
Truth-seekers in this world who are willing to consider transcendentally
based knowledge.  Of these, I believe, there will be many who will come to
agree with you and me that HPB is the greatest theosophist of all times.

And on this latter point, I know we are on the same team, Daniel.

Merry Christmas to all and to all, Godspeed,

Richard Ihle

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