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Re: Paul's House of Cards

Dec 24, 1996 05:27 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 09:09 PM 12/24/96 +0000, Tim Maroney <> wrote:

>One defense shared by many religions is an automatic assumption of
>superiority to other religions. This works by implicitly asking a
>question: "Well, maybe we're not perfect, but look at the alternatives!
>Do you want us to become {Christians, Moslems, Hindus, occultists,
>etc.}?" This helps to limit people's consideration of alternative
>spiritual paths and to keep them from rationally weighing their own
>tradition against others.

It is impossible not to consider one's own ideas as superior, since, if the
ideas of others were regarded as superior, those ideas would automatically
be adopted as one's own.  If I did not consider Theosophy to be superior to
Christianity, I would be a Christian, not a Theosophist.

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