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Dec 24, 1996 11:15 AM
by RIhle

M.K. Ramadoss writes-->
It is a good question. Even HPB and her Teachers, in their wisdom never tried
to officially define the term. Good luck to anyone who thinks he/she can come
up with a definition.

Tom Robinson writes-->
Then what _does_ the term mean, if it cannot be defined?

Richard Ihle writes-->
At last I have found the purpose of my life.  Other men may have more
significant purposes, but I have mine and I am content:  My job is to
continue offering definitions which either no one else agrees with or which
no one else is able to notice no matter how many times the definitions are

Thus, once more into the Void:

~theosophy~:  "valid knowledge which has its base in, or at least originally
derives from, transcendental, mystical, or intuitive insight or higher

~Theosophy~:  "The Universal of which ~theosophy~ is the particular.

~Principal Theosophical Philosophy (PTP)~:  "Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis
as found in HPB and closely associated theosophical writings."

~Principal Theosophical Philosophy Plus (PTPP)~:  "Cosmogenesis,
Anthropogenesis, and Psychogenesis (the latter to be defined by the next
Messenger, i.e., the first modern Theosophist who succeeds in getting other
Theosophists to pay attention to his or her definitions)."


Richard Ihle

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