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Re: Paul's House of Cards

Dec 23, 1996 07:54 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>If this is accepted, then perhaps she fibbed elsewhere as well,
>opening a Pandora's Box.  Gee, then we would all have to ferret
>out the truths from the fibs ourselves, which is a lot harder
>than taking it all on faith.

I believe that "the kingdom of God is within us" and no one, not a Master or
a Jesus or a HPB is going to reveal to us something we don't really already
know.  Unsettling as it is, HPB's perpetuation of the myth of the 'Masters'
tends to reinforce the idea that what we need to know will come, not from
the inside, but from the outside.

One the other hand, it is a weird quirk of humanity that we need mystery and
intrigue in order for us to get up and get real about something.  If HPB had
told us that the Masters really were plain old humans (and, god forbid, rich
ones at that) would humanity have listened to her?  Do we really want to
know the identity of our sacred Truth-sayers? Would Theosophy exist if HPB
hadn't of lied? - which I believe she did.

In seeking the identity of the Masters, we begin on a path that will lead us
not to the Masters (who in reality are inconsequential), but to a greater
Truth.  Our means to the end will be just as important as the end.

>People at the highest levels tend to fib if there is
>sufficient justification.

As one who is still on the "lowest level" I can assure you I, too, fib when
there is sufficient justification.


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