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Re: Thesis vs. Hypotheses by K. Paul Johnson

Dec 22, 1996 03:50 PM
by RIhle

Daniel Caldwell writes-->
As one reads Johnson's various writings on the Masters KH and M (as well as
on  the other Theosophical Masters), one needs to keep constantly in mind the
following observation by Dr. John Algeo:  "The rhetoric of . . . [Johnson's]
presentation disguises the weakness of the evidence, perhaps even from
Johnson himself."  (The American Theosophist, Late Spring/Early Summer 1995,
p. 12.)

Richard Ihle writes-->
As one reads Dr. John Algeo, one needs to keep constantly in mind the
possibility that if Johnson is right to any extent at all, it might make
Algeo seem more like the president of a philosophy club rather than the
bishop he may prefer to see himself as.

In my opinion, the reason THE MASTERS REVEALED is the most important
theosophical book to come out in many decades is not for what it proves or
disproves; rather, it is for delivering the diamond-cutter's blow perfectly:
 either the   Theosophical Society of the future will rest upon the
foundation of indefectable doctrine brought via ~very~ preternatural Masters,
or all theosophical teachings, including HPB's, must stand or fall on their
own merit.

However, there is a good chance that the ongoing commotion is as much the
result of some individuals' jeopardized psychological health as it is about
insuring accurate history.  From a Psychogenetic standpoint, at least, there
is a very big difference between the temporary delusion that one ~really is~
an idea which has the possibility of being disproven and an idea which cannot
be disproven because it is God's idea or a Master's idea.  The latter is the
alpha-wannabe ego-formation, to be sure.

Not necessarily Daniel or John Algeo or Jerry H-E or whomever else was
mentioned, but a lot of people have undoubtedly fought and will continue to
fight against TMR because the stakes are pretty high in a psychological
sense:  if something came along to increase the suspicion that God didn't
really do any inscribing, many more people might start regarding Moses as
just a guy with rock at our level trying to fight his way up the pecking
order with the rest of us.

However, with God returning, chisel in hand, we are back learning at Moses'
feet as usual.

Is THE MASTERS REVEALED a "house of cards"?  Well, I don't know.  What kind
of house is there to inspect on the other side of the street?  A
"take-our-word-for-it house" that no one can see any more?  Sometimes, I
think I should start making a list of the individuals who have claimed that
they were merely the humble "conduits" for That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Disputed.
 K. Paul Johnson does not seem judgmental in this respect; to my knowledge,
he has never denigrated HPB, HPB's teachings, or even HPB's possible
semi-fact-semi-fiction "Master-mailed" methodology.

Is there anything at all about the thesis of THE MASTERS REVEALED which makes
THE SECRET DOCTRINE less important?  No.

Is there anything at all about the thesis of THE MASTERS REVEALED which makes
the people who are the scholars and promulgators of THE SECRET DOCTRINE less
important?  Well, maybe not ~actually~ but . . .


Richard Ihle

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