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Re: Thankfulness

Dec 21, 1996 08:21 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:55 PM 12/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
> We all could have more.  We all received benefits that we didn't ask for.
>Sometimes we feel that what we receive was not enough.  If we opened a
>present that contained an item that we feel we don't want, instead of being
>thankful that we have received a gift, we wish that the giver had given us
>what we wanted.  I sometimes find that tacky fake flower clock handy when
>all my other clocks broke down.  When I sit still and think of all that
>I've received, I'm pretty darn lucky and thankful to all the givers who
>still gave even though they did not receive a thank you.  Time to call mom.
>TTT S=o)

   A wonderful post.

   One of the things which makes us very realistic and practical is that I
always look around me. When I am aware of the various problems and
frustrations that everyone around us go through, then I realize how
fortunate I am and I do not cry about my petty problems. This makes me an
eternal optimist and generally a cheerful person. Such joy and cheer is very
infectious and affects everyone we come into contact with.


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