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Re: Sexism, TTT

Dec 21, 1996 03:51 AM
by John Straughn

Thoa Tran writes:
>The Triaist:
>>I have been told that I have an attractive face and personality, but with
>>many >women, often the beautiful ones (notice I said "often" not
>>"always"), face and >body don't count.  It's the gluts and the pecs they
>>look at.
>Based on a poll of myself and my women friends, we prefer a wonderful
>smile, a great personality, and a sense of humor.  Gluts and pecs are for
>looking at and maybe touch, but a great personality is for having a
>lifetime relationship with.
>TTT S=o)
Agreed.  I think that most of the women I run into just need to grow up a bit.
 In fact, I think that most of the men I run into need to grow up a bit.
Maybe I should move somewhere else. :)

The Triaist

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