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Re: Beating for Doss

Dec 20, 1996 11:26 AM
by m.k. ramadoss


Nice to see your message. All of us have priorities and the most
difficult thing is to recognized an opportunity when one presents itself.
I agree that we can contribute everytime we meet or deal with anyone in
our daily lives. It just happened that the incident I mentioned caught my
attention when I could devote some time and I consider it was very
fortunate. It also taught me that if one is determined, sometimes a
single person can make a difference.


On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Thoa Tran wrote:

> MKR:
> >Beating my own drums (which I normally don't like - I like others beating
> >my drums - it makes life easier):
> I am beating, Doss, with a heroic rhythm.  I think it's great that you are
> letting us know what you are doing.  It inspires the rest of us to do what
> we can, and contribute our 2 cents.  To put an energy to doing some good,
> along with your personal life and your professional life, requires great
> sacrifices.  I've been spread thin with all the obligations I've had.  It
> is only now that I'm able to sit back and sigh about my soul.  When I was
> reading about the cosmos, I'm wondering what has that got to do with
> helping me be strong and  compassionate in my dealings with life.  I get
> more inspiration from my readings about Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and
> others who have made their sacrifices.  Most of the time, I'm conflicted
> about how much I should devote to myself and how much I should devote to
> outside activities.  If one cannot make oneself strong, one cannot be
> strong for others.  Also, heroism can be as simple as being a kindly
> influence to everyone one meets.  Then again, now and then, one can do more
> than what one usually does.
> TTT S=o)

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