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Re: Sexism, TTT

Dec 20, 1996 04:29 AM
by John Straughn

Bravo.  I understand where you are coming from, mainly because my past is much
like yours.  However, with me, I haven't "filled out" quite yet.
Unfortunately, I don't think "yet" qualifies, for I am way past the blooming
point.  My body is not shaped like a V.  It never was.  I was never much for
making friends.  I had a total of one until my last years of high school, when
I met quite a few people who weren't quite as "fashion conscious".  I have
been told that I have an attractive face and personality, but with many women,
often the beautiful ones (notice I said "often" not "always"), face and body
don't count.  It's the gluts and the pecs they look at.  I have neither.
Perhaps we have two evils.  Sexism and "idealism".  There are arrogant men and
women in this world.  An arrogant man will voice his sexism (whistling, etc.)
just as fast as an arrogant woman will voice hers.  I think that all of us, in
our minds, want the "ideal" companion.  If you are an interviewer, and the
"ideal" person walks in, whether you like it or not, "bad" thoughts are going
to flash through your head.  If you are arrogant, you will express those
thoughts.  If you are professional, you will supress them.  If you are neither
arrogant nor professional, the thoughts/feelings will grow on you and come out
like freudian slips.  I don't think that sexism can really be abolished.  I
don't know.  Idealism (in the way I'm using it) will change, surely, but I
don't think it will ever go away either.  With sexism, I think that people can
learn not to express it, but it will always sit in the back of their minds,
right next to idealism.

I think that is why we "should be" humble.  If one is not arrogant, one will
not express dominance or judge another.  Hmmm...I have a lot to think about
before I go any post really made me think about a few things.

P.S.  My mind is subject to change.
The Triaist

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