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Re: sexism

Dec 19, 1996 08:26 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 02:47 AM 12/20/96 +0000, (liesel f. deutsch) wrote:

>It seems that very often we women just get dumped on, and we've
>gotten so used to it throughout the centuries, that we just take whatever
>gets dished out to us, and we struggle on from there. No matter how sick, or
>pregnant, or anything else we are, most of us manage to carry on taking care
>of our families and all the chores. Nobody says "thank you", not ever.

No matter how much some radical feminists may believe that there might be 1
or 2 men somewhere who are slightly imperfect in what I assume to be highly
insignificant ways, the responsibility for men taking women who give more
than they receive for granted is mutual.  All good things create dependence,
a factor which all givers should take into account.  The recipient of a gift
is not obligated to the extent of the cost to the giver, but to the extent
of the benefit to the recipient.  If the cost to the giver is greater than
the benefit to the recipient, that is the giver's responsibility.

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