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Re: Sex or violence?

Dec 19, 1996 10:50 AM
by Murray Stentiford


>> ... there
>>is a trial going on in which a rich and powerful 73 businessman is on
>>trial for performing oral sex on a 14 year old employee ...

>...  but rape is not sex, and sex is not rape.  Rape is an assault,
>the only difference is the man uses his penis rather than a club, or a
>knife, or whatever (although rape can include all).  Rape is an act of

It certainly is, and one of the things to be raped by rape is sex itself,
thinking of its huge potential and many levels of expression, and the scars
that rape draws across that whole area in the victim's life.

>I'm not attacking you as a person, Doss.  It's just the terminology used
>here is often used to "minimize" unspeakable acts. . .and to "minimize"
>the trauma these victims have undergone.

It happens over and over, despite some awareness of the problem. It seems to
be embedded in our language which in turn is coming from centuries-long

Would like to write more, but time has run out.


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