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Re: Crimes of the Left

Dec 17, 1996 11:43 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 06:27 AM 12/18/96 +0000, wrote:
>Bart wrote:
>>	The right wing believes that the rich and powerful should control your
>>actions, while the left wing believes that the state should control your
>>actions. Note the same result, regardless.
>Wrong-O, Bart.  The result isn't the same, since the left and the right want
>to control different "actions."  Despite some schizophrenic overlapping, at
>their core, they are two different philosophies, two different outlooks, two
>different views of humanity. . .hence different results.
The virtues of the right are freedom and self-sufficiency.  The virtues of
the left are compassion and security.  The optimal society is a mixture of
the two.  There is no such thing as a society in which some people do not
have power over others.  Power is good.  Only its abuse is evil.  It takes
the same power to do good as it does to do evil.

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