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Re: Angels and Ufos are epi-phenomenon of earthquakes and the brain

Dec 17, 1996 12:37 PM
by Joseph K PricE

I have gotten some interesting responses privatley regarding the post about
eartquakes and geological rock breakage causing "spiritual" and ufo
sightings.  I think power centers like pyramids and Stonehenge probably
have a relationship to this general topic.

I think if we really want to discover the power latent in humanity we must
be willing to explore in our individual lives and allow scientists to
promote hypotheses that may seem "crackpot" to those from a spiritual

I think there are groups that are willing to take the step toward a
practical merger of the best of science and technology and the best of the
spiritual traditions.  I think Hilary Clinton's talking to Eleanor
Roosevelt with the help of Jean Houston shows that many in high places are
open to non-ordinary investigations.

I have said that rather than looking to the past, many are looking to the
future that ANCIENT WISDOM foretells.  I refuse to be either overly
pessimistic in that it is all going to hell in an apocalyptic flame or
overly optimistic that we are going to be transformed to a new level of
consciousness by this time next year.
Hear we are at the winter solstice again and are being allowed another life
review, societal review, politcial review etc of the year as a cycle in
We are in a dark materialistic cycle, but the road winds ever upward
according to spiritual teachers in the past.

We can use technology to make the karmic trip upward a little smoother.  It
is going to be a bumpy ride.  We are going to have to fasten our planetary
seatbelts, we all agree on that.  The past cannot be our only guide, we
must feel the pull the entelchy, the omega point., the goal just out of
reach, shining.

Keith Price

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