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Re: THEOS-L digest 759

Dec 17, 1996 01:51 PM
by be94bmp


I'd just like to add to your responses with respest to brotherhood if I may.

Firstly, I would say that T/theosophy is the set of principles and laws which
describe the nature of the Life, the quality, and the appearance of things
both manifest and unmanifest, laid down by those who are initiates of the 6th
and higher degrees who try to help humanity understand the nature of the
Self. Whilst it might not be an exact representation of the Truth,it is
adequate for future growth until such time as the disciple KNOWS and,
possibly more importantly,can take responsibility for That Truth - or should
I say gnows (from the old English gnowen meaning to intuitively know).I
would humbly suggest that the study of T/theosophy is characterised by the
2nd and 3rd intentions of the society, and the 1st is like the first ray
which fuses the later two to form a nucleus of knowledge which can help
complete the plan at the ending the 7th root race.The TS is surely
independent of theosophical thought, it is only the medium through wish it
may be passed.

With respect to your comment on the Path, I wasn't implying that anything
was somehow worse, or somehow trying to compare mine or yours,only that the
transfusion of personality will naturally have a transition process before
one can appreciate our "newness" for want of a better term and there might
a time when we are unsure what to believe, even if we have perceived a new
aspect of Truth.



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