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Re: Questions on Karma

Dec 16, 1996 07:21 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:

> I have never understood how the actions of past lives directly cause present
> circumstances.  Rather than a direct link, it is more likely analogous to a
> bank account, in which the benefits of using a specific withdrawal is not
> directly tied to any specific deposit, but is drawn from a common pool.  It
> is even more likely analogous to the results of flipping a coin many times,
> where the average will approach half heads and half tails, the results of
> any one flip are almost completely independent of such probability, and a
> result of heads does not cause a later result of tails.

	If one considers one's past lives to be unrelated to one's present
life, just as a new coin toss is unrelated to an old coin toss, then
your confusion is warranted. If, however, you look at the universe as a
Unity, and the separation is just one view of it, then it becomes
clearer that, just like if you pinch one hand with another you feel it
with your brain, that all actions have consequences that eventually
reach everybody, yourself included.

	Bart Lidofsky

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