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Re: Caldwell's attack on Johnson

Dec 16, 1996 02:32 PM
by Tim Maroney

>>JHE quoted TM in a post about the Caldwell piece, but I had
>>never seen TM's (Tim Maroney?) original post which for some
>>reason didn't come in a digest.  Can anyone forward it to me?

>Yes, Tom Marony originated the post.  You already have it,
>because I reposted his entire comment.

That's Tim Maroney, thanks.

I am curious as to why you took a message from Theos-Roots and reposted
it on Theos-L? Theos-Roots is where most of the discussion is taking
place, and it seems much more appropriate there. I am also curious as to
why Paul is not apparently on Theos-Roots, since he didn't see my message.

Tim Maroney

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