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Re: The ole' ball and chain

Dec 15, 1996 05:49 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> Fellow Theo-lers!  Isn't it amazing?  I've seen this list go from the
> discussion of
> whether psychic powers should be encouraged or discouraged to whither the
> Master exist in our heads or in KPJ's book. Then there was the guy riding a
> horse
> and wearing the plumed hat, of recent note.  Before that was the CWL wars
> and
> the young man from ULT with his definite opinons.  Who can forget the
> Boston Lodge and the many legal battles that has led to a change in the
> by-laws.
> Still simmering beneath the surface is the gender-netural language issue
> and how
> it pertains to the Three Objects.  Long ago, we were talking about grokking
> and
> enjoying it, but that faded out.
> This past summer, Chuckie regaled us with his posts about the Annual
> Meeting
> and Summer School, where he alternately loved and hated it.
> But now, this list  has truly reached its zenith.  With the topic of S&M,
> this list
> could go further than it ever has so far.  Keep it up!  (If I may use that
> kind of language.)
> If we get explicit, graphics and even include some downloads of pictures,
> we
> might attract a whole new slew of posters.
> Why even Doss may get his wish - those elusive excutive members of
> TS, who are never heard from here, may suddenly appear on the list.
> In disguise, of course, wearing black masks and brandishing whips.
> -Ann E. Bermingham

   We are all learning every day. As for seeing the executive members
of TS, who are never heard from here, I hope you are right. Looking
forward and let us all get our helmets ready!!!  I also do not
discount the fact that the Internet must be drawing the attention of
the Real Founders and I am sure that They are working hard to
see how it can   help the "great orphan Humanity." So don't be surprised
if you catch a glimpse of the results of Their unseen hand.  Of course,
our continuing gratitude to the foresight of John E Mead for providing us
this forum.


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