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Re: The ole' ball and chain

Dec 15, 1996 04:40 PM
by CDGertrude

> At 06:28 AM 12/15/96 +0000, (CDGertrude) wrote:
> > Uncle Chuckie can verify, most men in the scene at SUBMISSIVE
> >to women.....
> I have heard just the opposite, that dominant women are very hard for the
> submissive men to find, and that the most common arrangement is a dominant
> man with a submissive woman.

How is what you are saying the opposite of what I have said? 70% of the men in
the scene are SUBMISSIVE.  70% of the women are either DOMINANT or switch.
It is hard for a submissive man to find a DOMINANT woman because these women
make their own choices about who they want...and in a relationship they may
really want a man their equal...meaning dominant. This is also true of other
mammals..such as lions.  The female does all of the hunting and protecting the
cubs.  The male lion sleeps around and waits for the female to bring home the
kill.  Sounds pretty dominant to me.
Gertrude the Proud Churchmouse --

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