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On TSA Supposed Corruptions - WHat is their motive?

Dec 15, 1996 08:12 AM
by Joseph K PricE

Message text written by
>If your view expresses anything near a consensus of opinion on
>theos-l, this board has the potential of becoming a significant
>balance to the Wheaton oligarchy.  I hope it is.
>I would like to add that the censorship within the Adyar

Keith:  I vow to keep out of this since I have been burned in the past, but
I would like to say that I think the motives behind the TSA oligarchy are
"conservative" in the sinces that they want to preserve the best from the
past and encourage the most level-headed and scholoarly in the present like
Ken Wilber and a few others.  They see their role as protecting the castle
from the barbarians, heretics, fruitcakes and triaists (whatever that
is)... if you get my drift.  They just want to have a nice tea party, keep
the dusty archives safe etc. for another 500 or so years and they will
probably do it.  I say good job!
Perhaps that is why other outlets like TI may eventually be a real force,
but in another direction of say uncovering the latent powers in humanity (
no sexism here!)


>(Wheaton) TS goes further than controlling National elections and
>now Lodge assets.  The Organization's control over the
>publications that you mentioned also has a lot to do with what we
>*think* we know about the history of the TS and the ideas it

I have no information on which to base a definite opinion about any
specifics of the "Wheaton oligarchy" except that I personally think very
highly of one of the ex-national officers who is a member of my lodge, but
do not see any necessary problem in their publishing some books and not
others.  They have to draw the line somewhere.  Should they publish "Mein
Kampf?"  Or does this imply a misunderstanding of the degree to which they
censor material which is clearly relevant to Theosophy?  Krishnamurti has
been a controversial subject within the TS, but we have hi<

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