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Re: TS Corruption

Dec 14, 1996 10:33 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Tom Robertson wrote:
> I have no information on which to base a definite opinion about any
> specifics of the "Wheaton oligarchy" except that I personally think very
> highly of one of the ex-national officers who is a member of my lodge, but I
> do not see any necessary problem in their publishing some books and not
> others.  They have to draw the line somewhere.  Should they publish "Mein
> Kampf?"  Or does this imply a misunderstanding of the degree to which they
> censor material which is clearly relevant to Theosophy?  Krishnamurti has
> been a controversial subject within the TS, but we have his books in our
> library and we discuss his ideas at our meetings.  From what I have seen,
> they should be _more_ selective about their material, not less.  I cannot
> imagine what motive anyone in the TS would have for wanting to use their
> power to suppress alternative opinions, except that the material is
> considered harmful to Theosophy.  Is it a personal battle?
   In the general context of the above, I would like to point out that we
have not seen any present or past elected officials on theos-l. Nor have
we seen the mention of theos-xxx in Quest Magazine. This makes one


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