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Re: The ole' ball and chain

Dec 14, 1996 06:52 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 02:13 AM 12/15/96 +0000, Kym wrote:
>Tom wrote:
>>>(Kym) Is this an attempt at humor?
>>No, it was a _successful_ attempt, obviously.
>To have replied "No, there was no attempt involved, it was humor, and damn
>good humor at that" would have been cleaner, clearer, and stronger.

Yes, but I am not the type to presume to congratulate myself like that.  I
equate self-deprecation, regardless of how phony and false it is, with humility.

>>First of all, you should thank me for being such a spiritual ally to you
>>that I have given you such a rare opportunity for growth in tolerance,
>>patience, and compassion.

>You've also provided me growth in other areas.

You're welcome.

>>You would probably rather be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, where
>>you OUGHT to be.

>A sexist, a "fruitist," and now a satirist!  How do you juggle it all?

You bring out the best in me.

>>That was cruel to get my hopes up like that.  But I'll keep trying.  Will
>>you marry me?

>Well, what have we here?  After giving your proposal some thought (knowing
>how you toy not with women's emotions) I realized the greatest favor I could
>do us both was to politely refuse.  For the following would have occurred:
>You would have left me standing, broken-hearted and humiliated, at the

All of this implication of uncertainty, pointing out what an agonizingly
difficult decision it was and how deeply hurt you always are at my absence
sounds awfully tentative, half-hearted, and indecisive.  Like the _typical_
woman, are you leading me on?

>And you think I'm malicious. . .

Sadistic might be a better word.

>I look forward to being one of your greatest spiritual allies.

Me, too.  Sadists and I get along well.  Even at my most sexist, I only
meant that _most_ men, not all of them, naturally dominate women.

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