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Forwarded message for theos-l

Dec 14, 1996 05:10 PM
by Martin Euser


due to the fact that Konstantin cannot E-mail directly to theos-l, I'll
forward his message.

>From Konstantin Ziatzev :


 Art House <> wrote:

> if known by rote alone. Gender identity does not exist above the lower
> mental subplanes (rupa-manas). It is distinctly a phenomenon of personal
> identity and has as the scope of its activity only the three lower
> planes of your chart (really only #1, #2 and the lower half of #3). The
> Ego in the causal body, (on the arupa-manasic subplanes) does not gender
> identify. It is the resolution of all such conflicts and distinctions.

     Yes, and all conflicts between men and women should be treated as
the conflicts  between  workers and capitalists,  because in different
lives we incarnate to different bodies.  It seems to me that questions
like this should not be interesting to theosophists, IMHO. With growth
of this topic our maillist began to remind an old magazine for housewives
     Treating "brotherhood" as a "male" term, we refer it as "unity of
forms", what can never exist. So IMHO those who see in "brotherhood" a
sexual hue,  don't  understand  a meaning of real brotherhood which on
arupa levels exist,  at all.  They understand it as someone said: "All
people are brothers, but i'm a cousin". :)

 m.k. ramadoss <> wrote:

> I have been following with interest the discussion about who is a
 "No one is a friend for you and no one is an enemy, but everyone is
your teacher" (Who said - i don't know)

> they had cut out two large round holes on the front side so that the
> breasts could show up. The tribal women (and men) thought it was
 Some "couturier" in Paris also think so :)

--- This is only tearline...
* Origin: Ubice centrum et nullibi circumferential (2:5020/360.4)


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