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Dec 14, 1996 02:40 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 09:58 PM 12/14/96 +0000, wrote:
>I also believe that Alan and Tom Robertson are one and the same!  S=o)

This theory actually makes some sense.  I represent myself as being in the
Theosophical Society, and being basically happy with it, and Alan has much
criticism for the powers that be in the TS.  What better way would there be
for me to both complain about the TS and not face criticism within it?  And
what better way for Alan to safely express his true male chauvinism, his
United States nationalism, in spite of how he _pretends_ to live in Great
Britain, and many other obvious evils that could be repressed no longer,
than by using a pseudonym, using brutally harsh criticism for the pseudonym
as a blind?

What about "MKusek" and "TTT?"  I originally thought that "Art House" was
the rather unusual name for an avowed female until I figured out that "Art
House" must be some kind of organization, since Mark also claimed to be
_from_ Art House.  But why is TTT signing her name to MKusek's posts?  What
does "TTT" stand for, anyway?

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