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Re: Sexism

Dec 14, 1996 04:22 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>Someone once told me it's not what you know, but who you know.

How very true.

>> hehehe.  We squeak nicely if you pull them too.
>Squeaks are for mice.  Squeals are for everyone.

It was a typo!  A TYPO I say!

>> >Do you have the statistics to back this up?  Personally, I'd love to
>> >a nice young guy for my secretary. ;-)
>> >
>> No.  No statistics, but I'll find them.  They're out there somewhere.
>> where do I put in my application?  *Big, cheesy grin*
>> ---
>Yes, the truth is out there, John.

Statistics = truth?  Nah.

>Application?  Unfortunately, the position of my personal assistant is
>currently being filled by my husband.
>-Ann E. Bermingham

I don't want to be your husband.  I want to be your secretary.  I'm fairly
young, nice, hard-working, efficient, etc.  Am I selling myself to you yet?
If I go any furthur, we might see a little bs coming up...:)

The Triaist, who can't seem to learn that you are NOT supposed to flirt with
married women.

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