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Re: Eldon's example

Dec 13, 1996 05:37 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Surely it is *just* paranoia on my part, but Eldon's *purely*
>hypothetical example of a person saying "The leaders of all the
>theosophical groups are corrupt, power-hungry, ignorant
>bastards that aren't insightful enough to accept and print my
>brilliant books" does have a certain personal ring to it.  Strange and
>wonderful how a post ostensibly devoted to showing us all how
>to communicate in a brotherly/sisterly manner contains within
>it a little plausibly-deniable attack on a fellow Theosophist!
>Sorta passive-aggressive, on the purely *hypothetical* and
>paranoid assumption that this was inspired by/directed at a
>real person.

Sorry you've felt that I'm taking on you and your books.
I wasn't. My example was hypothetical, based upon many
stray comments made by different people over the years
on theos-l, and not with you in mind.

>Maybe Alexis had something to do with Eldon's saying this (He
>does use phrases like "corrupt, power-hungry, ignorant bastards"
>WHICH I DON'T) but in fact I'm the only author who submitted his
>work to all the Theosophical publishers, got it rejected by all,
>and went on to have it acclaimed as brilliant by some folks within
>and outside the TSes when a university press published it.

My example was written the particular way it was for
dramatic effect, not to blast your or any particular
person. It was an exaggeration.

You don't need to defend your record in response to my example
of miscommunication. Although your immediate reaction, without
first *asking me* what I meant, illustrates how miscommunication
can happen.

I'm glad that you don't think that the theosophical leadership
is as bad as my example, an exaggeration, would make it seem.
But what impression do many people get on this list in reading
some of the statements that have been made in the past by others?

I'm sorry if I've unintentionally upset you. My interest was
in dealing with the problem of miscommunication, taking it head
on, since things have degenerated, as they often do, into name
calling and high anger on the list.

-- Eldon

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