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Re: fruitism

Dec 13, 1996 03:54 PM
by JRC

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996 wrote:

> The good Lucifer know's I've been trying to stay out of this mess, but
> reading the header on this exchange I can't help wonder how many of us who
> have been on the list for a while aren't starting to wonder what we would be
> reading if a certain princely friend of mine were still around.
> Hoo Hah!  Would the fireworks be going off!
> (Remember the fruitcake flap?)
> Just try to keep it civil and not threaten physical violence.
> Chuck the Heretic
It *would* be cool if Alexis was still around. He's as far on the left as
the "dominator"  is on the right. And he wouldn't have gotten bored as
quickly as most of the rest of us have. (I mean, geez, if someone's gonna
throw down an intellectual gauntlet so we can have a little fun, they
ought to at least have some sort of weaponry to make it an interesting
game - the Rush Limbaugh subplane of the astral plane gets kinda dull
pretty quickly).

Say Chuck, have you spoken with Alexis lately? Just how the devil *is* he
doing anyway? I half expected to see him fomenting revolution outside the
Republican National Convention this summer.

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