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Re: fruitism

Dec 13, 1996 01:49 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 08:29 PM 12/13/96 +0000, Liesel wrote:

>        How about being considered a confused fruitist. Maybe that fits? Or
>would you prefer being a confused carrot?

Since the "sexism" discussion has not been nearly as heated as I had hoped,
let me state the following:

I will gladly pay more than $1 per pound for raspberries, but I refuse to
pay more than 39 cents a pound for bananas.  Not only has there never been a
banana that has been as good as the worst raspberry, but there is not even
any way that any banana is as good as any raspberry.  Raspberries are
prettier, juicier, they taste better, and they must be more healthy in every
conceivable way, regardless of the lack of facts that I have to back it up.
Since the idea that bananas are more hardy and less perishable would
conflict with my conclusion, it must be a false idea.  If anyone accuses me
of fruitism, I will claim that bananas are really vegetables.

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