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Is There Life Outside the TS?

Dec 13, 1996 01:03 PM
by Dave Kirk

Fellow Theosofossils:

Here's a message excerpt from a horticulturally-based list; I read this with

>Dear (.......):
>I truly appreciate your comments and advice. One great desire of the one
>writing here is that one day we all could live as brothers. I understand
>that cacti and other succulents are part of the human heritage and we, the
>mexican people, should share them with the world; however, the first thing
>to sustain a world brotherhood is to respect each others and let our
>plants and animals, the only companion that we have in this Earth, live
>freely in their habitat. I think is much to do yet in both side of this
>There is no enterprise more important than humankind and we must learn to
>live in harmony. Walt Whitman, the poet, said:
>I celebrate myself and sing myself,
>what I assume you shall assume,
>for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.
Regards to all,
- Dave Kirk
  New Zealand

>"Once you turn it off, there are an infinite number of channels
>to choose from."
>	-Another bus voice

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