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Dec 12, 1996 06:47 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

We have seen several msgs on the question of superiority /inferiority.

Some thoughts came to my mind.

No two human beings are like.
Am I superior to my little girl of 10? She can sing and play violin very
well and I cannot.

Am I superior to my little boy of 3? His vision is 20/18. Mine without
correction is 20/60?

I am tall and my brother short. Am I superior to him?

My wife is a fast thinker. I am a slow thinker. So is she superior to me?

I am bald. My sixteen year old has lot of hair. Am I superior/or inferior
to my sixteen year old?

Probably we cannot answer any of the above questions.

Only thing we can say is that in some respects one is better at certain
things and the other is better in other things.

So fundamentally it seems no one is superior or inferior to any one.

If I keep this in my mind all the time, it will make it easier for me to
deal with other people with whom I have to interact.


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