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Re: Sexism

Dec 11, 1996 05:50 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, John Straughn
<> writes
>Dr. A.M.Bain writes:
>>>Don't we want Tom as a friend?
>>As far as I personally am concerned, not while he demeans and insults
>>the intelligence of women on and off the lists, the defence of which
>>type of thinking produced one of the most underhand and vicious behind-
>>the-scenes hate campaigns I have ever experienced at the hands of
>>"theosophists".  My crime?  supporting gender-incusive language and
>>genuine equality between the sexes by my support for Theosophy
>>International, which was described as a "Rival organisation."
>I think that it all depends on what the primary goal is.  Does understanding
>come before judging or does judging come before understanding.  Or should
>judging even come into play?
>Just a thought.:)
>The Triaist
Tom, you, everyone on this and all of the lists are members of the
universal human family mentioned in the TI statement of intent.  That is
a common bond shared by all human beings.  However, not all human beings
are my friends, and I am not a friend to all human beings.  Some I know
for certain are my enemies, although still members of the same human
family.  Judging comes into everything in this life somewhere or
another, even if it's only which brand of a product to buy.

I do not see any reason to relate understanding and judging together as
if they were inevitably connected - seems an odd idea to me.

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